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RE: A few questions...

From: "Tim Jones" <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 07:47:21 +0100
Subject: RE: A few questions...

> >Also the "Maniacs" an alien race in the article carry their 
> fighters on racks
> >not bays which allow instant deployment of the fighters, 
> even if they are
> more
> >vulnerable. Has anyone tried this one out on the gaming table yet?
> People have mentioned this idea before and it sounds pretty 
> good (one of
> the few bits that I read and liked).

AKA Mike's Infamous Parasite Fighter Racks... I repost

Parasite Fighter Rack
[^]: symbol for Ex-rack squadron
30: Cost+fighter squadron
1 :Space

A ship may mount 1 squadron of Parasite Racked fighters per 30 Mass of
Carrier ship.Since this squadron is carried externally, any damage
caused to the Carrier vessel will destroy the Parasite Racks. If the
Racks are hit with fighters still embarked, roll a D6-1 and that many
fighters manage to disengage from the racks and launch. Parasite racks
MAY be used on civilian transports. This was what they were developed
for in order to provide escorts for merchants in high risk areas. A
parasite rack may launch at any time IN ADDITION to any normal fighter
bay launches. They must be recovered within the normal constraints of
fighter recovery. Only Standard, Superiority or Heavy fighters may be
Parasite Racked as the racks do not provide support for specialized
weapon systems.

Mike Wikan

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