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Re: Gravity, Tech & others (was Re: Orbits, etc)

From: Brian Bell <brian.bell@a...>
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 09:30:40 -0700
Subject: Re: Gravity, Tech & others (was Re: Orbits, etc)

> Also, with a 75,000km scale, who cares about gravity wells around
> planets? why represent them, (other than for jump limits) your ships
> have 10-80G drives, so unless you want to approach a really high
> gravity body, it's not really important.
> 7,500km per MU is sounding better all the time ;)
Perhaps you are correct. We played a diminishing return rule when our
ships gravity drive was in a gravity well. But this is just PSB. It
explained why streamlining cost so much (not only hull design but extra
thrusters and gravity well compensators). Again just PSB.

The main thing that I did not like about 7500km/mu/15 minute turn was
that you had to reach extreemly high game speeds to reach other planets
or jump points. An AU (distance from the sun to earth) is 19,946.666 mu
using this scale. This is 207 DAYS at a speed of 1. 4 days at a maximum
increase of 8 each turn. Four days is a lot at 8G. And your speed would
be about 3072 (quite a lot to decelerate from) when you passed it by.
And this is only 1 AU. I was using 2 AU out of the rotational disk.
Someone else had that you had to get completely out of the gravity well
of the SYSTEM. Of course if you can jump (go FTL) from anywhere in the
system this is not a limitation, but does give rise to the kamakazi FTL
jump (no flames, please).

Brian Bell

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