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RE: KV in the New System

From: "Tim Jones" <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 15:08:07 +0100
Subject: RE: KV in the New System

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> Subject: KV in the New System
> Has anyone tried using KV equipment (railguns, scatterguns)
> in the new FTFB

No I haven't due to the fact that they are due out in FB2,
I'm not that sure they are backwards compatible with the FB1 design
as you go on to prove.

> design system?  I was looking over the rules again last
> night, and they would seem to be real shipkillers.  I also figured
that the
> mass for the railfuns would go along the same lines as the beams
> (1/2/4/8...).

Maybe - but given that you get a lot more bang for the buck
they are likely to be more prohibitive in FB2 (cubed maybe)

> would probably fire thru 1 arc only, with maybe the class-1s
> having a 120 or 180 arc - the sidemounts then continue to make sense
> the new 6-arc system.

I agree they will hopefully be constrained as limited arc weapons

> A couple of design flurries also seemed to show that
> KV ships will mount a nasty number of railguns, but it would be
tempered by
> installation of lots of armor.

Their design doctrine for MT states that they use a lot of armor, so
I would assume this would continue to be the case. This as you state
use up mass. If the rail guns are massive enough then it would limit
their number within the design system.

> I'll post some designs once i
> get them cleaned up.	They're frightening.

Which suggests the FB2 KV will be very different as JT promised
to sort out the aliens in FB2. Your conjectural designs would be
interesting in the short term.

tim jones

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