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RE: Babylon 5 (OT)

From: "John Jeffery Shoemark" <shoemark@a...>
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 18:24:02 +1000
Subject: RE: Babylon 5 (OT)

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> In a message dated 98-07-03 23:09:52 EDT, Los writes:
> <<  Did you guys ever notice that just
>  about every crook, murderer, bully, and ring leader in down below is
> Australian?
>  Whats up with that? >>
> Um, I hadn't noticed it, but like most Amis, I'm a little blind to
> things; you know, accents used as personality to excuse not writing
> characters.  Not saying JMS does that, but it's really common.
> When did you
> last see a good South African?  A Brit who wasn't either snobbish or
> effeminate?  A German who wasn't a menacing bad guy?	'Godzilla'
> was a shock -
> the most physical and competent person was French!  As an antidote,
> Independent Film Channel (local cable) runs 'Breaker Morant' and 'The
> Lighthorsemen' often, so I do get to see some Aussies in various
> lights, as
> opposed to Whoever Dundee-types.
> Noah
Nah, It's because we're all bloody convicts mate. Don't you read
Want to buy a watch?   :)
Hee, I love stereotypes.

By the way I have a RCMP force (Royal Canuk Military Protectorate) force
Stargrunt. Based loosely on the idea of Scot descent Canadians starting
up a
colony and ressurecting the Jacobite royal family. Really just an excuse
convert the OU jetbike into a Mountie!

John S

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