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Re: Unfair Kamikazes?

From: Samuel Reynolds <reynol@p...>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 22:32:15 -0700
Subject: Re: Unfair Kamikazes?

>As far as leaving the table under FTL, maybe the damage imposed on
>around a destroyed ship is too much. How about ships within a 3 unit
>radius takes full damage, and ships in 3 to 6 units range take half the
>It might be simplistic, but players from both camps (for and against
>kamikaze operations) might find a consensus along those lines.

(Caveat: I'm the one that sent the Martyr class skip to Brian Bell
for his Full Thrust Ship Registry. It seemed such an obvious development
that *somebody* had to.)

Using the PSB that firing up the FTL engines for a jump involves the
creation of an artificial black hole that warps space to form a
short-lived wormhole (it vanishes when the ship--with its FTL
generator and artificial black hole--passes through), how about
something like the following:
   When a ship enters or exits the table via FTL, the heading of every
ship within 6" is turned toward the ship by a factor of (6 - the
of the ship from the hole), or to a heading directly toward the hole,
whichever is less. Any damage suffered is incidental, due to possible
collisions (per FT/MT rules for ramming?), but it could wreak havoc
on carefully planned deployments--especially if ship speeds are high.
Alternately, if you are using a vector movement system, apply a vector
of (6 - the distance of the ship from the hole) directly toward the
hole (toward the arriving or departing ship).

(Raise shields--Red alert)

- Sam

Samuel Reynolds

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