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Re: Unfair Kamikazes?

From: "Chris McCurry" <CMCCURR@v...>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 15:26:06 -0600
Subject: Re: Unfair Kamikazes?

>>David Petterson wrote:

>>As for the kamikaze tactics, we have a house rule that you can only do
>>if you are on your last damage track, an attempt to simulate the "take
>>of the bastards with us..." gung ho approach that is so much fun. 
>>for some very nervous superdreadnoughts when the little guys start
>>rather damaged, also makes for some hilarious moments, one time a
>>cruiser was outmanouevered by a thrust 2 dreadnought.... however if we
>>running a campaign people are rather loathe to ram ships, better to
>>and fight another day.

I have to agree again with this game use of ramming.  Unless your group
playing a campaign or scenario, i think ramming should be a last ditch
effort.  But, ramming should not be taken out of the game totally.

>>J.Stephensen wrote:

>>I personally think that the games we play are primarilly for 1) fun
>>2) to win. When people seem to be so obsessed with 2) the game just
>>to become pointless.	I think that the influence of the Evil Empire
>>has had a lot to do with this. I know that I much prefer to play fun
>>then really really really competitive games. When it comes down to it,
>>are just games.

again I agree, but, if you limit the players on what they can do the
then become just like GW games.  I left the GW game system, not because
the other players "power gaming".  there are always ways to take care of
that.  it was because in GW games your limited to their rules.	GW is a
tournament styled gaming system.  I do not view FT, DS, or GS as such.

In the group i play FT with we use a GM "game master" (like from the old
role playing games)  the GM arbitrates over the games to deal with these
type of maneuvers. (which they players wish to do something that is not
written into or fully explained in the rules.

>>Simon wrote:

>>This is one example but we have a guy down here in Canberra who
>>that it is fair to FTL his whole or half of his fleet into your
>>deployment line.  It is a legitimate tactic but one of no thought or
>>style.  Is this tactic or rule going to be got rid of?
As I stated player should not be limited to rules.  so maybe rules for
in a combat maneuver should be added.  If some one wants to FTL into
zone what is the chance that he/she will be off target. it is possible
his new super dreadnought could FTL into your scoutship thus causing the
dreadnought much harm. (???)

The point is that FT seems to be based on Starship warfare as a whole.
if the game taken advantage of using a certain system or maneuver. have
realistic restrictions on those systems or maneuvers. but do not limit
"warfare" tactics and what not.  That's what FT is all about.

If you take a players creativity then you end up playing 40K style game
again. it'll come down to who can afford the newest character or who
the rules best, BORRING!!!

my $0.02 again


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