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Re: Unfair Kamikazes?

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 09:25:25 -0800
Subject: Re: Unfair Kamikazes?

Jason Stephensen wrote:

> I personally think that the games we play are primarilly for 1) fun
and then
> 2) to win. When people seem to be so obsessed with 2) the game just
> to become pointless.	I think that the influence of the Evil Empire
> has had a lot to do with this. I know that I much prefer to play fun
> then really really really competitive games. When it comes down to it,
> are just games.
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     The Evil Empire has some great marketing, attractive art and 
a complete absense of any tactics! (Except, line up and charge.
When the game came in only one book this was called a disaster
waiting to happen.  Things change!)
     I personally would say a form of satisfaction,  I like to go
into a combat on the short side of the points scale.   Even in a 
one shot scenario I'll pull out ships that are too damaged to be
useful.  I do always try my level best to win the combat.
     I did consider the 'Jump in to combat" as a possible weapon
some time ago.	 I used the concept to provide one of my alien
races (Very heavy into guided missiles) with a jump weapon.
One of 12 new or modified types of guided missiles for use w/FT.

THE RULE:   Jump Guided Missile
The jump missile is launched at the stare of the turn and the target
location is noted at this time (This is an X and Y range measurement
from a selected corner of the playing area).  The next turn the jump
engine is primed.   The turn following the missile tries to jump to 
the selected spot, using the jump into combat/misjump rules.
(I am putting on my flack suit due to having announced this heresy.)

The best long range solution to the problem is to say (in the house
rules) that a jump is stratigic movement and the minimum jump
distance is 250 or 500 inches.

Have fun or do the best you can.
Bye for now,
John L.

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