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Re: Colony Critical Mass

From: Rob Paul <rpaul@w...>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 18:45:33 +0000
Subject: Re: Colony Critical Mass

At 17:41 21/11/97 -0700, you wrote:
>On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Rob Paul wrote:
>> years, and then intelligence arose in a fairly short time.  Perhaps
>> intelligence of the locals might be in doubt- I recall finding (in
the early
>> '70s) a disgusting reference in a children's encyclopaedia to the
>> of the "near-human" Tasmanians.
>Hey this reminds me.  I recall a sci-fi story where the humans find
>rather corpulent and disgusting lifeforms on another planet who played
>their own feces and all that.	The humans wind up disliking them and
>eventually causing their annihilation.  But it turns out that they were
>great thinkers and philosophers... go figure.	Can anyone remember any
>more detail about this one?

	That sounds like the utods from Brian Aldiss' "The Dark Light
Years"- well worth reading.  The utods were symbiotic with space-going
(!) called ammps.  Utods resembled a segment of an orange with 3 pairs
retractable limbs and a number of sensors and orifices.  In their
prior to the story, a cleanliness heresy had arisen, leading to anarchy,
eventually "law and ordure were restored..."


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