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Revision Numbers [OFFICIAL REPLY]

From: jon@g... (Ground Zero Games)
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 18:46:28 +0000
Subject: Revision Numbers [OFFICIAL REPLY]

>On Friday, November 21, 1997 8:40 AM, Sprayform 
>[] wrote:
>> Mark S at 15:33 20/11/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>> >> >	Yes, when will FTIII be released?
>> >>
>> >> ...Please please please can we start calling it FT3
>On a topical note what is the Official GZG designation on this? They
seem to
>use Roman Numerals on Dirtside II and Stargrunt II. Is this a
>However the romans were toast a long time ago and their numeric system,

>somewhat challenged.
>In email and usenet etc the short forms DS2 and SG2 seem to be more
>so have become the de facto standard in discussions etc. While because
>Thrust  second edition never got numerals its called FT or sometimes
>As this is meant to be a futuristic SF game maybe we and JT should use
>numbering (decimal), which are more common in computer programs etc.
>When is FT 3.1.1 (beta) out? Or are you just going to be calling it
>Thrust' third edition and put a different picture on the front?
>This is going to matter more when the comparison between rev's start 
>tim jones
>Reality is for those who can't cope with Science Fiction.

This is actually a very good point. In all probability, when FTIII/FT3
actually out, it will simply be called FT, with "3rd Edition" on a new
cover, much like the current book. Using FTIII or FT3 is a convenient
shorthand right now to differentiate it from FT 2nd Edn, during
and development.
The reason that Dirtside became Dirtside II (and likewise with SG/SGII)
that in both these cases the "II" version was actually a completely new
game, with very little left of the original versions. This will NOT be
case with FT 3rd Edn, which will be an amended and added-to new edition
the existing FT (in the same way as FT 2nd Edn was a much-expanded but
fundamentally unchanged version of FT 1st Edn.).

For any new list members wondering when FT 3rd Edn will be out, we don't
exactly know - probably after we do BDS for DSII/SGII; however, the
forthcoming FT Fleet Book (being worked on now, and scheduled for
in the early part of '98 - basically as soon as it is finished!) will
contain a lot of the changes proposed for "FT3" and will form a bridge
between 2nd and 3rd editions.

Jon (GZG)

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