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From: Brian Bell <PDGA6560@c...>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 21:35:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Gunboats in FT...

If they are mass 2 they should be covered by the standard rules
Afterall, a Corvette is only mass 6 and would not hold everything you

I would counter-propose the following:
Gunboat Mk 2
Mass:	6 (3 boats and bay)
Cost:  18
Speed: 10

Gunboats have 3 ships per squadron. They carry a mini-pulse torpedo.
hits on 4+ and does 1d6/2 (round up) damage (ignore screens). Gunboats
destroyed by 2 points of *daf damage or 1 point of damage from a C beam
penalty to hit). Gunboats engage fighters and missiles as attack
Gunboats follow normal fighter endurance and morale rules.

Brian Bell

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"> > New system: Gunboat
> > Mass: 2 per Gunboat
> > Cost: 15 per gunboat
> > Speed:10"
>  >snip<
> > Thoughts? Opinions?
>  Interesting, but how are they attacked? 2 hits by fighters or *DAFs
>  to kill one?  Can A and B batts target them and kill one when a 6 is 
>  rolled?

Good ideas! i was actually thinking of them as being about like a 
heavy fighter (greater ruggedness but lesser maneuverability kind of 
cancelling each other out.) I like the idea of bigger beam mounts 
engaging them in desperation and hitting on a 6..."

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