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RE: Infantry Dirtside

From: "Haun, Gilles, SSG" <haung@E...>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 08:30:16 -0500
Subject: RE: Infantry Dirtside

>From:	Los[]
>Sent:	Monday, November 17, 1997 7:28 PM
>Subject:	Re: Infantry Dirtside
>Where do you guys acquire your sci fi minis infantry? The only ones I
>have are GZG and their 1/300 infantry of which they only make one type.
>I know that H&R makes some minis too and can aquire them on the web.
>Whatr about irregular or scotia? Is there a catalog list anywhere are
>the web?

Actually, I use a combination of minis for mine (and some of the older
gamers will remember the first one)
I use:

Ral Partha jump troops (from the Ogre game - now no longer offered) as
my veteran/elite infantry
Ral Partha "House Davian" infantry as my regulars (also with some jump
troops in them)
and Scotia Micro Power Armor Troops (self explanatory)

Like you, I'm looking into some other lines as well.



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