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Macross 2 Marduk History

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 18:44:45, -0500
Subject: Macross 2 Marduk History

     Dear List members:

      I have an article that I did a years ago for Macross II RPG.  I 
integrated Macross II with RoboTech,
were the Macross II events took place about 82 years after the 
RoboTech Wars.	I sending out the article on the Marduk on how they 
got control of Zentran and Meltran forces for their warmachine.

     I have a complete timeline availabe upon individual request.  
And I am hoping that this will spur RoboTech/Full Thrust adaptations.


    David PetersBackground notes for the Marduk aliens of Macross II.

The Marduk History

     The Marduk are a humanoid race that originate
from a far corner of the galaxy from a star system of
five planets.  The Marduk had established themselves in several 
nearby solar systems.  They are seeking to achieve -peace through 
absolute power. his means war, destruction, genocide, and the 
conquest and enslavement of other life forms to -purge impure worlds 
and dominate them.+  Otherwise, -confusion and disorder shall reign 
throughout the universe.+

       There are four distinct	types of Marduk, the song singing, 
priest-like Emulators (Ishtar and Lady
Elensh), the seemingly cyborg assistant scientists,
the warrior officers/commanders (Feff and Lord Volf), and the god-
like Lord Emperor Ingues.  It is
particularly interesting to note that Lord Emperor Ingues is referred 
to as a -divinity.nteresting because - Marduk+ is the name of an 
ancient Babylonian god of war!	Could there be a historical 
connection?  If not , there is certainly a symbolic one.  It has been 
the Emperor+s twisted  vision that
of  peace through absolute power+ that has made 
the Marduk and their Zentran and Meltran slaves cold hearted warriors 
bent of intergalactic  conquest and domination.

	The Marduk and their warrior slaves have known only a life of 
war and destruction.  They are
mentally conditioned to thrive on fighting, conquest,
and winning.  Whenever	any of the troops are believed to be -
contaminated++ by the culture/society of the people they are invading,
 those suspected of contamination are destroyed, battle cruiser and 
all!  This extreme measure serves four purposes. 

	One, it keeps the troops from ever trying to understand the 
people they are invading.  As long as the enemy is faceless and the 
war impersonal , the soldiers can act swiftly and without mercy.  The 
enemy is just a cardboard figure and therefore easier to destroy.  
Second, only views and philosophies of Emperor Ingues are preserved.
Outside influences and ideas might cause his people to think and 
question his insane philosophy, are crushed.  Third, he keeps his 
troops loyal and narrowly focused through fear and intimidation. 
Lastly, the destruction of -contaminated+ troops eliminates any 
possibility of dangerous new ideas infecting the rest of the troops 
and encourages the survivors to avoid contact with enemy lest they 
suffer the same fate.

     The Zentran and Meltran soldiers under the Marduk+s rule are 
giant  40 to 45 foot ( 12.2 to 13.7 m.) tall warriors bred 
exclusively for war. They are taught only combat skills and have no 
society, no culture, recreational time, free thought or freedom of 
any kind.  They are viewed simply as -machines 
of war.  Since Earth's first encounter with the Marduk/Zentran forces,
 the insidious Marduk  have taken new measures to prevent future acts 
of treachery.	To this end the Zentran and Meltran are
continually brainwashed and kept in suspended animation until they 
are needed for combat.

     The Zentran and Meltran that the Marduk have are the ones from a 
missing expedition that the RoboTech Masters sent to find new 
territory for conquest.  The force ran into a Marduk battle force, 
the Zentraedi hailed the Marduk to identify themselves.  But the 
Marduk did not they sent out 
combat units.  The Zentraedi responded the by sending out units too.  
When the Emulators started to sing to inspire the Marduk troops, the 
song had a strange effect on the Zentraedi.  They seemed to be 
confused and could not function in battle.  The Marduk commander of 
the force ordered the Emulators to continue singing, they did and 
managed to control the Zentraedi fleet by the singing of the 

      After that a message was sent to Lord Emperor
Ingues, he arrived with the Base Ship and his own personal fleet as 
well.  The commander of the fleet
talked with Lord Emperor Ingues about the reaction that the giants 
had with the Emulators singing.  Ingues ordered the Zentraedi to 
surrender or be destroyed.  They surrendered and were questioned by 
the Marduk Interrogators.   The Zentraedi told them that they served 
the RoboTech  Masters and they carried out the dictates of conquest 
for their masters.  Lord Emperor Ingues was impressed by the giant 
warriors abilities, he convinced them that they should join him in 
his plan for -peace through absolute power that he is trying to 
achieve.  He told the Zentraedi that they would have a special place 
in his plans.  Ingues really had much different plans for them, he 
wanted to assimilate them into the Marduk culture only as warriors 
commanded by
other Marduk.  

     When the Zentraedi joined up with the Marduk, they would 
continue to use the same equipment for 
a few centuries.  Lord Ingues began his plans for assimilate the 
Marduk in the Zentreadi. First, he would get them to be inspired by 
the Emulators song in combat, second, integrate Marduk personal
with the Zentraedi. Third, build new ships based upon the Zentraedi 
design, and fourth have the Zentraedi  become totally dedicated to 
the Marduk.
Lord Emperor Ingues carried out his plans, he turned the Zentraedi 
into an instrument of terror in the section of the galaxy that he was 

       Lord Emperor Ingues later divided the males and females into 
the Zentran and Meltran.  He was 
making them into a different race in their own minds. He was happy 
with the use of the Zentran and Meltran Warriors, he decided to go 
confront the 
RoboTech Masters.  When the Marduk arrived into the area of space 
that the RoboTech Masters controlled, they had learned that the 
RoboTech Master empire was falling apart.  They had lost 99% of the 
Zentreadi space fleet to the Terrans where the Macross had crash 
landed.  The Invid where now making and all-out move into areas of 
the RoboTech Masters controlled.  Ingues learned from some Zentreadi 
survivors of the war with Earth.  That the humans had used a voice 
that could control them, he sent scouts to the survivors
and learned that the human culture had contaminated them.   And the 
humans had acquired knowledge to build mecha that were more powerful 
than the Zentraedi but primitive.  He decided to rebuild the mecha of 
the Zentran and Meltran that he had.  He watched secretly as some 
surviving RoboTech Masters had joined up with the remaining Zentraedi.
  The RoboTech Masters had
a few of their factory Satellites operating and were able to make new 

      Lord Emperor Ingues decides to approach the RoboTech Masters 
after their last attack that they make on the Earth.  He approaches 
them with the new battlepod designs, spaceships, and powered armor.  
The Marduk reduced the different types of pods to 2 designs.  The 
soldiers battlepod and the officer+s battlepod.  Ingues forces the 
Masters to surrender all the remaining Zentraedi under his control or 
they will be destroyed.  The RoboTech Masters did so relunctely, but 
the Marduk decided to keep them in stasis for the time being. 

     Lord Emperor Ingues that the time to invade the
RoboTech Masters former territory was right.  He moved into areas of 
the Sentinels.	The aliens of that group offered only token 
resistance.  They surrendered to avoid total destruction.  The armada 
was moving slowly toward the Earth.  Ingues was thinking dreams of 
conquest after the Earth was conquered.  He has devised a plan to use 
a few of the RoboTech Master  Mother ships to invade Earth+s solar, 
but they will be carrying Marduk, Zentran, and Meltran Mecha.

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