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Re: Aliens APC Saga

From: "Jeremy Sadler" <sadlerj@o...>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 11:06:50 +1100
Subject: Re: Aliens APC Saga

>	  Living in the States, I would be happy to be a go between for
> any of the guys who want stuff from the states.  Just let me know and
> i'll get you prices on any of the US bases stuff you need. I should be
> able to run the following credit card through my shop: MasterCard,
> and Discover. Let me know if i can be of any help.

Yeup, the Aliens APC saga has raised its head again...

I'm STILL looking for these little beauties and, going through my old
email, found some people in the States mentioning they could help.  

Also, I would like to get a consortium of Australians together to order
them en-masse, so the postage will (hopefully) be cheaper for each


1. Any Australians interested in getting hold of the Aliens APCs and
Dropships, please email me direct at the address below.  I'll collect
for a little while (couple of weeks maybe) and then start the

2. Todd, who posted the above quoted message, and whom I shall be
to personally, can you quote us a rough price on each individual item
what it would roughly cost in postage for various numbers (6, 10, 12
numbers like that).

3. I WILL COLLECT ALL MONEY BEFORE ORDERING. People will have to trust
I guess, but being the focal point I don't want to be left owing money
the end of it that I don't intend to if people pull out. I'm sure there
will be various ways of doing this; individual arrangements will be

4. Anyone else OS who reads this list, please excuse this long post that
really only pertains to Australians and, possibly, New Zealanders if
want to get in on it.  I will hopefully be organising the rest of this
through email, so wont need to disturb you any longer. :)

Regards all!

Jeremy Sadler
Jeremy M. Sadler

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