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Re: Lightweight Fighters

From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@b...>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 97 10:02:21 -0600
Subject: Re: Lightweight Fighters

>  Lightweight Fighters
>>  All fighter modifications are available for LW fighters including
>>  'Heavy' modification (which results in a group of 8 fighters that
>>  damage like normal but costs more).  A group of 8 LW Torpedo
>>  can be dangerous if they get to attack but it should be easy to
>>  down a few before they attack.
> I don't see the point of a Heavy Light Fighter - its just a Normal
> surely.  Somehow you can fit 8 in the bay, what is the rationale
behind this? 

That was my first thought but then I realized that Heavy normal fighters
still the same size as regular normal fighters and a bay still holds 6
of them 
so why should a Heavy LW fighter be equal to a normal fighter.	Heavy
are the same 'size' as the base fighter type, just harder to kill. 
armored (or armoured :) is a better term than Heavy.  Thus 8 Heavy LW
would still fit in a LW bay.

> What are the Mass and Points costs?
 To keep things as simple as possible, a LW fighter bay of 8 fighters
 and masses the same as a normal fighter bay of 6 fighters.  All 
 modifications are applied the same way.  To balance the extra 2
 in a group, they are easier to take out of action.
> I like light torpedo fighters and have a vision of the Fairey
> attacking the Bismarck in 'Sink the Bismarck' (great film).
 Exactly the feel I wanted for LW fighters.
> I agree that it can give a different tech or racial feel, but at the
cost of 
> adding complication. They remind be of Fairey Swordfish.

 Yes it will add some complication, but then almost any addition to FT
 add some complication since the basic mechanics of FT are so simple. 
 FT player who also plays DSII, SGII or an rpg should have some d8s to
 on fighter bases, and other than that, you use a modified results table

 when you shoot at the fighters with that funny d8 on the base.
 Thanks for the feedback Tim.  I have not played with LW fighters yet so

 they could be totally off base.  Numbers wise, they should be balanced.
 PDAF on average can take out .75 normal fighters per shot, so it will
 8 shots to wipeout a fighter group of 6.  With the modified hit
 LW fighters are lost at a rate of 1 per shot on average, so it will
 the same 8 shots to wipeout a LW fighter group of 8.

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