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A look into bug society (was bioforces)

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:24:58 -0800
Subject: A look into bug society (was bioforces)

RE: Brain bugs, a quick look at SST by AH makes some suggestions. (which
I build upon)

Brain bugs interface in groups of 6. One is the royal brain, the other 5
are regular brains. The queen is a seperate entity that legs eggs but
does not run any combat operations.The brains control everything by
telepathy. (But you can maybe do something where they will control
certain warrior/workers which will lay down pheremones for the otehrs to

Each brain controls a certain number of workers and warriors. Apart from
their combat duties, brains each subdivide their work activities, (i.e
one handles R&D, hive commo to the home world and scientific matters),
one handles hive construction andmaintenace, one handles, care and
feeding of the hive and thequeen (nursery Ops), one handles food
gathering, and agriculture, and another handles construction. All
subjugate themselves to the Royal brain, and each controls a segment of
the armed forces.

If you put smaller limits on how many bugs each can control, you can
also have each brain having a number of lesser (younger) brains that
they control, which control subsections of the hive's activity and

When establishing a colony, a ship will contain one queen, the brain
caste (one six-pack), as well as a small numbers of workers/warriors to
operate their ships. There will be a large amount of eggs in
"hibernation" which are "defrosted" upon arrival or shortly before to
get the colony started.

There are several strata of worker bugs too.:

1. General workers, which handle hive contruction, maintenace and
2. Nursery bugs, wich manipulate the various chemicals and pheremones
that trigger bug larvae into developing to their verious castses.
3. Technical workers. These bugs have specialized appendages which allow
the manipuation of technology under the control of a brain. These are
the guys that build and operate ships etc.

Also, Nursery bugs can create "Males" which will impregnate a new queen
before sending her on her way to develop a new colony.

Warrior bugs or course come in the various styles too:

1.Standard warrior: Uses close combat as primary means, however you
could do soemthing like allowing them to "spit" a narrow beam or shot of
plasma short distances for ranged fire. (instead of nothing at all or
giving them guns).
2. Flying  or hopping bugs, (ala the movie)
3. Tanker bugs (ala the movie)
4. Plasma bugs (ala the movie)

The bugs would be past masters at chemical manipulation.

Anyway that's a staring place.


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