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Re: FT Ship SSD, graphic file formats.

From: Samuel Reynolds <reynol@p...>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 07:59:50 -0700
Subject: Re: FT Ship SSD, graphic file formats.

>It might be a nice idea to output some
>less Mac centric versions and post them on above very nice the site?
>Adobe Illustrator have other output options as it would be much better
to do
>it from the primary source, I'm thinking Computer Graphics Metafile or
>Postscript or Potable Network Grphics Format ( is that vector ed?).

>Could somebody convert these into a commonly readable format on a
>platform and
>send them to me please
>if it helps any....i have paint shop pro 4.11 and win95
>thanks and later
>chris pratt

You know, I put mailto links on the page with the files just so
people could make such requests to me directly, and not clutter
up the list. The page text says to email me if you need another
format, and I'll see about adding it to the page. I'd just as soon
not email copies in numerous formats to numerous people across the
web; that's what the page is for.

They're in Illustrator because that's a more universal format than
ClarisDraw (not to mention a better one), and because it's what I
have. It can save to PNG format, but I think that's a bitmap format,
not a "vector" format (someone correct me if I'm wrong). It will
also render the files into several other bitmap formats, including
   I could also save some of them as EPS files. You'd have to have
an application that can dissassemble EPS files to be able to use the
Standard Hulls and Symbols files, though.  If you want to try that,
I'll do the save-as and put it on the page.

- Sam

Samuel Reynolds

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