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From: db-ft@w... (David Brewer)
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 22:59:32 GMT

In message <> Kevin Pavlick writes:
> Hey guys and gals, what the heck is happening here!!!
> We all wish/want cool space war movies.  We want them to be more 
> frequent, more popular, the whole nine yards.  Along comes a guy who 
> has the balls (sorry) to spend ALOT of money on a risky space movie 
> (that LOOKS great, you CAN'T argue that) and all I see here is 
> pissing and moaning.	Give it a rest!  

Some chance. Expect pissing and moaning on every sci-fi oriented
net forum for the duration.

I'm guessing Starship Troopers holds a place in the collective 
heart of sci-fi fans because so many people read it when they were

Heinlein was a children's author. I wish I'd read ST when I was 
12, or so, rather than being twenty-something. It would have been 
great to stomp about for a week or two with a new found sense of 
Moral Philosophy recieved unquestioned from Uncle Bob. It would
have suited me really well, since at that age I was a hardcore
Marxist-Leninist. Seriously. Disenfranchise all who will not serve 
the state in heroic strife and toil. I'd have loved it.


Why are people bitching about tits and ass in the film? I read
loads of Heinlein when I was young enough not to find it insulting
and I recall striking theme of gratuitous nudity. Maybe Bob was in
the same hot-tubs as Allan.

That's what I remember most of RAH. Ludicrous over-educated 
heroes, gratuitous nudity and gratuitous incest. And swordfighting. 
Couldn't he have just seen a psychiatrist? Did he have to write it


Blond hair? Blue eyes?... didn't I read that the director's next
project was a revisionist Hitler biopic?

David Brewer

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