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Re: Re: Bio-Forces

From: Rick Rutherford <rickr@s...>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 09:45:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Re: Bio-Forces

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Brian Burger wrote:
Status: RO

> ...being a hard-science SF buff I'd like to see "real"
> bug-aliens. Rhino/elephant sized (and therefor scaled) bugs do seem
> possible, and interesting...

Since both DSII and SGII are games which require counters on the table,
why not set up a command & control system for bugs based on pheromones?

Given a typical SGII bug squad (9 drones & 1 leader, with weapons),
the leader "gives orders" to his squad by putting a pheromone scent
on the ground around him which lasts for a few (1d4+2?) turns before
fading away. The orders should be simple and vague (like "Attack!" or
"Flee!" or "Advance") to allow the player some degree of control when
the squad is activated.

The pheromone scent would be represented by an upside-down counter on
the tabletop, and any bug squad within 12" MUST obey the order unless
given a different one by a "superior officer" (with a stronger/different

scent.) The drones obey the last order given until their leader or a
superior officer gives a different one.

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