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RE: Bio-Forces

From: Deeply in Love with Dot <jw4@b...>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 10:30:43 +0000
Subject: RE: Bio-Forces

At 09:31 05/11/97 -0000, you wrote:
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>Only on a 1G planet, who said gravities the same? I think SF combat
>on other gravity worlds is just as likely.
 Surely a race that can't survive in <1G environments is actually going
have a pretty hard time conquering the universe?

>Also don't get stuck on the limitations terrestial biology - who's to
>'out there' there are biological systems we haven't even dreamed of,
>support the ability to spit gas plasma 2km.
Whose to say? Basic chemistry is. Something like plasma has a VERY nasty
effect on biosystems at a very low level. I have distinct problems
believing anything can be grown/secreted that can stand having to cope
something that hot or that radioactive. Carbon based materials would
dissolve at a molecular level in the heat. If you are talking about
non-carbon based life then I'm not sure the term 'biological' applies

I can stand believing there are biosystems that can cope with the
levels required to hurl things long distances. I can cope with nasty
bullets, viral cell disintegrator bombs, railgun fletchette sprays
(presuming someone can explain how a bioorganism could generate a
alternating magnetic field) but plasma weapons? No way. I can't see how
such a weapon could evolve as an organism if the first generation model
would dissolve into vapour the moment it kicked in.

So, basically, I can see  how an advanced race based around
could make an effective fighting force (and god help you if they got
arm reach) but Plasma / Fusion / Fission weapons? Sorry, no can do.
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