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Re: Bio-Forces -- Was: SG2/DS2 help wanted...

From: Sprayform <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 12:17:04 +0100
Subject: Re: Bio-Forces -- Was: SG2/DS2 help wanted...

Jon at 09:22 03/11/97 +0000, you wrote:


>All S'V units (space and ground) are bio-constructs


> humanity may never get to see a real Sa'Vasku, and in fact they may
even leave their homeworld (maybe they can't? Maybe there is really
ONE Sa'Vasku...?) The bio-constructs are loosely divided into
[V] (sentient in their own right) and non-volitionals [NV]
>(machine/animals) [Some ideas nicked from W.J. Williams' "Angel
>Station"].A S'V starship is a large NV, "crewed" by Vs - or maybe the
>other way round.....??

...I think a large V that produces NV when needed is the better of the
it allows SGII forces (ie 'frigate' lands planet side and disenbarks APC
type vehicles with either a part of the V 's brain core in the command
{I like this} or communication between ship and ground forces)
In SGII the loss of a leader would be akin to loss of comm. or a
Troops/ammo-energy are all NV.
Make the vehicles offensive power limited ie OTTOMH say 1pt/" movement &
for ave tank round fired [don't have DSII] when the APC runs low its
to have to return to the ship or cease to have any actions (KOed)
Perhaps damage applied to it just reduces its energy pool as in MT for

I like Alexander W's ideas but would try not to make S'V's immortal
(individual but connected brains that can go adventuring if they choose
disconnect IIMO better than making a copy. The reason is copies are
expendable thereby making S'V tactics that of the K'V's ,where as
immortality due to lack of old age makes for caution a better/different
point of view) and would assume S'V's absorb all casualties on both
that could be used for repairs.

>S'V ground forces are similar in that an "APC" is a single NV
>"creature/machine", directed by a V "commander"; it's "troops" (I'm
>human analogues here) are smaller NVs held in a dormant state inside
>"APC", which can be awakened and deployed when necessary. The NV
>fight like automated drones, probably not very tactically but with
>ferocity and lack of morale worries to balance this, until they exhaust
>their limited energy supplies; at this point they will become comatose
>and/or "die", and their raw biomass may be re-absorbed into the APC
>(probably by it driving over them and "eating" them...) for
>as more "troops" when needed.
>These are just some rough ramblings, and certainly haven't been refined
>into gameable rules yet, but other opinions and ideas are welcome.
...I would like to think that S'V ships "grow up" . Take a large DN this
spit like n ameoba into two (say cruisers) these would then live and
genetic material to grow up and become DN's themselves. I think a lower
limit would need to be set on V's (ie anything smaller than a frigate is
snip of an original V's brain core and it wants it back)

Non-S'V opposition can be absorbed but due to the energy required its
efficient to NV the sample (ie a dead NAC marine has his brain
into that of a std. ground force trooper leaving his equipment as is.
try to break-down the gun ammo etc to use as raw material when its more
energy efficient to just modify the biological 'trigger')

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