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Re: Wet Thrust for WW2

From: Binhan Lin <Binhan.Lin@U...>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 15:31:29 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: Wet Thrust for WW2

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Martin Gaskell wrote:

>     Is there a set of rules adapting Full thrust for WW2 Battle ships
> there is where is it and if there isn't then I am going to write a

I currently have version 1.06 of FT WW2 also known as Flank Speed or
previously Wet Thrust (but this particular name can be highly
so FS was adopted)  The current rules cover WW2 Pacific in terms of
and ships described.  It currently only covers surface ships and
submarines are still in the works.  The modifications allow use of
ships (post -WWI) but Allan Goodall tried a game with earlier ships and
decided that the rules needed further modifcation to fit that period.

After several test games it appears that 1) you need a tons of escorts -
the firepower of cruisers and battleships will shred escorts rather
quickly i.e. 20 5" guns of an Iowa class battleship with maximum hits
destroy 5 destroyers.  2) Planes have been toned down and it takes a
couple of dozen to make a consistent significant effect - last game 98
Fighter bombers / torpedo bombers were only able to score about 10 hits
an Iowa, causing a threshold check but did not cripple it.  

I will send a copy of the Word 6.0 file to you.  it contains the rules
modifications and stats for about 20 Japanese/American ships - mostly
battleships and cruisers with a few destroyers.  Rules for making the
conversions can be extrapolated from the given stats or I can e-mail
detailed rules to you.

Please send comments and inquiries to me at


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