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Re: FT: Empress Arianna Tournament Update

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 10:31:02 -0800
Subject: Re: FT: Empress Arianna Tournament Update

Jonathan Davis wrote:
> Aaron P Teske wrote:
> >

> > While I'm not Jon, I figure I can safely say that you more-or-less
> > locked out.  One of the ideas behind the tournament is that we don't
> > know what our opponent is using, and if Jon gives out details of the
> > battles immediately after they've finished, then the next people to
> > fight will know what their opponents are capable of.  (Maybe not
> > stats, but things like speed, which ships have heavy beam
> > general tactics, etc., which may be even worse to give out....)
> >
> > Once the second round is done, half of the first round fights (the
> > where both people are out of the tourney) can be unlocked; after the
> > third round a few more may be unlocked.  The rest'll have to wait
> > the last fights to finish.
> Aaron is correct.  The tactics and plans of the individual fleet
> commanders is confidential information.  The skill in a good fleet
> commander is having a good plan and adjusting to the circumstances
> that the opponent presents.  The tournament is run in a double-blind
> fashion with limited intelligence, so admirals only have ship class
> and position, course, and speed information, and given the ability
> of the weasel systems, even that may not be as they seem.
> In the last tournament, the publically available information of the
> final round was available from the Web site.	You'll be able to see
> the fleets and tactics that defeated three opponents to reach the
> final round when the present tournament reaches the final round.  It
> may not be interesting to the outside world, but I can imagine the
> thrill and suspense of the fleet commanders.
> Jon Davis

     Thank you for the reply.	You will more than likely have
seen the note to Aaron, this is a small extension of that note.
     It was a blind spot on my thinking.  How could I not think
of weasel ships?   (I am currently driving some people crazy with
     I would suspect this will not finish until next year, do you 
have a (reasonably) firm completion date?

Thank you,
John L.

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