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Re: FT: Empress Arianna Tournament Update

From: Jonathan Davis <davis@a...>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 05:22:03 -0500
Subject: Re: FT: Empress Arianna Tournament Update

Aaron P Teske wrote:
> Excerpts from FT: 31-Oct-97 Re: FT: Empress Arianna Tou.. by John
> > Jon,
> >	I would indeed be interested in seeing 'details' of the battles,
> > but, I have not been able to access any information.   Are all
> > non-players locked out until the tourney is completed?
> While I'm not Jon, I figure I can safely say that you more-or-less are
> locked out.  One of the ideas behind the tournament is that we don't
> know what our opponent is using, and if Jon gives out details of the
> battles immediately after they've finished, then the next people to
> fight will know what their opponents are capable of.	(Maybe not
> stats, but things like speed, which ships have heavy beam complements,
> general tactics, etc., which may be even worse to give out....)
> Once the second round is done, half of the first round fights (the
> where both people are out of the tourney) can be unlocked; after the
> third round a few more may be unlocked.  The rest'll have to wait for
> the last fights to finish.

Aaron is correct.  The tactics and plans of the individual fleet 
commanders is confidential information.  The skill in a good fleet
commander is having a good plan and adjusting to the circumstances
that the opponent presents.  The tournament is run in a double-blind
fashion with limited intelligence, so admirals only have ship class
and position, course, and speed information, and given the ability
of the weasel systems, even that may not be as they seem.

In the last tournament, the publically available information of the
final round was available from the Web site.  You'll be able to see
the fleets and tactics that defeated three opponents to reach the 
final round when the present tournament reaches the final round.  It
may not be interesting to the outside world, but I can imagine the
thrill and suspense of the fleet commanders.

Jon Davis

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