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Re: SV: [OFFICIAL!] Attention SG2/DS2 players! Help wanted...

From: "Ryan M. Gill" <monty@a...>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 17:15:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: SV: [OFFICIAL!] Attention SG2/DS2 players! Help wanted...

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Oerjan Ohlson wrote:

> > Both these systems are long overdue for the release of some
> > material, and we know a lot of you are keen to see Bugs Don't Surf
> > promised SGII supplement) published. Well, now the FT Fleet Book is

I can't wait!

> The one thing I can think of right now that is missing is a note on
> vehicles shoot APSWs at infantry". According to Mike, a vehicle with
> multiple APSWs can fire each of them at a different infantry stand (he
> so on the list a long time ago), but the rules don't say so anywhere.

Hmm, thats something I've not thought of but it does make sense. 

Things I'd like to see:

Flame Throwers - Infantry and Vehicle Mounted.

Incendiary/WP rounds for artilley and DFO.


HE direct fire weapons (Small support weapons like the BMP-3 has up to 
the flying dustbin 165mm direct fire demolition guns used on AREV's and 
M-60 AEV's).

Light aircraft that can loiter on table. I want a cheap, slow moving 
drone that doesn't zip across the table on its turn but stays on table 
and observes. 

Expanded rules for large Aerospace Craft (Drop Ships, Assault Landers,
rules for the ships that are from the Microtac range...) What happens 
when the attackers that are raiding the Space port come realize there is

a landed Orbital Defence Gunboat landed for service to the engines?

Longer range Anti-Aircraft weapons. ie DSII versions of Roland, Patriot,

ADATs, SA-8, SA-6, etc. Say I want to defend against GMS/Hs and

Longer range GMS/Hs. (GMS/H-ER) Say I want to launch an ARM at the 
longrange Airdefence system?

AC Gunships, I've built one for some test in a game. Essentially a large

Size 6 AeroSpace with a MDC 3, HEL 3 and 3 RFAC 2's (the anti infantry 
proposed on one of the house rules pages). All fire to the side. Should 
be possible given the size of the Aircraft. (look at the AC-130) It also

has a PDS (countermeasures/decoys), Sup ECM, 3 armour, and 2 Sup 
Firecons. I haven't used it yet... I like the idea though...

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