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[OFFICIAL!] Attention SG2/DS2 players! Help wanted...

From: "Phillip E. Pournelle" <pepourne@n...>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 15:05:01
Subject: [OFFICIAL!] Attention SG2/DS2 players! Help wanted...

Jon of GZG wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Both these systems are long overdue for the release of some
>> material, and we know a lot of you are keen to see Bugs Don't Surf
>> promised SGII supplement) published. Well, now the FT Fleet Book is
>> under way, we are starting to look at seriously getting material
>> for BDS - which will probably be a JOINT supplement for SGII and
DSII, as
>> the two systems have so much in common.

	In DSII we note that an APSW for a rifle team costs 10 points
while an
extra APSW for a vehicle costs only 4.	In SGII we see SAW carried by
members and are the equivelent to a Browning Automatic Rifle or follow
We can see though that a RFAC with a fire control system in SGII is much
deadlier than a Standard SAW in SGII or even a SAW on a stable platform.
	But in DSII we see that normal weapons like a RFAC fired against
rifle teams draw only one chit per level of the weapon (e.g. 1 yellow
for a
RFAC/1 or 3 chits for a HEL/3)	but an APSW draws 5 chits...  There is
clearly a disconnect somewhere.
	What would an APSW (crew served or vehicle mounted) weapon look
like in
SGII?  What is the proper procedure for firing a heavy weapon against an
infantry squad?
	Similarly if you are going to add the Very RApid Fire Gauss
class of
weapons to DSII then you should give them a slightly farther range than
RFAC and make the cost multiple 16.

	A while back I noted that a Combat walker has the same cost
multiple of an
Infantry Walker but a Combat Walker moves at 12 inches while an Infantry
Walker moves at a rate of 6 inches.  Obviously the two classes should be
broken out and the cost multiple adjusted.

	Hand held missiles:
	A hand held GMS/P in Star Grunt can be likened to a Stinger
missile in
DSII and therefore to a LAD in SGII.  However, a LAD in DSII can only be
used against high fliers.  I think that the effective range of a LAD in
DSII should be adjusted according to the altitude of the craft.

	Point system:
	I've already posted my idea for a point system to use DSII
points to help
people design forces in SGII.  If you want me to repost it, I can.

	Personal Weapons:
	In DSII we are told that different forces Militia/Line/Power
different effective ranges attributed to them according to the quality
their weapons.	Meanwhile in SGII the effective ranges of their weapons
based on the quality of the guys firing them.  I realize that the FP of
each weapon makes an adjustment on the effective range of thier weapons
SGII but you can't go beyond a D12...  These two issues may need some

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