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Feild Guns (was Re: [OFFICIAL!] Attention SG2/DS2 players! Help wanted...)

From: Christopher Pratt <valen10@f...>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 08:13:16 -0500
Subject: Feild Guns (was Re: [OFFICIAL!] Attention SG2/DS2 players! Help wanted...)

I was wonder how to do crew served feild guns in DSII.	Something like
an HKP/3 or an MDC
or somethin, in an implaced position.

chris pratt

Phillip E. Pournelle wrote:

> Jon of GZG wrote:
> >> Hi everyone,
> >>
> >> Both these systems are long overdue for the release of some
> >> material, and we know a lot of you are keen to see Bugs Don't Surf
> >> promised SGII supplement) published. Well, now the FT Fleet Book is
> >> under way, we are starting to look at seriously getting material
> >> for BDS - which will probably be a JOINT supplement for SGII and
DSII, as
> >> the two systems have so much in common.
>	  APSW:
>	  In DSII we note that an APSW for a rifle team costs 10 points
while an
> extra APSW for a vehicle costs only 4.  In SGII we see SAW carried by
> members and are the equivelent to a Browning Automatic Rifle or follow
> We can see though that a RFAC with a fire control system in SGII is
> deadlier than a Standard SAW in SGII or even a SAW on a stable
>	  But in DSII we see that normal weapons like a RFAC fired
against infantry
> rifle teams draw only one chit per level of the weapon (e.g. 1 yellow
for a
> RFAC/1 or 3 chits for a HEL/3)  but an APSW draws 5 chits...	There is
> clearly a disconnect somewhere.
>	  What would an APSW (crew served or vehicle mounted) weapon
look like in
> SGII?  What is the proper procedure for firing a heavy weapon against
> infantry squad?
>	  Similarly if you are going to add the Very RApid Fire Gauss
class of
> weapons to DSII then you should give them a slightly farther range
than a
> RFAC and make the cost multiple 16.
>	  Walkers:
>	  A while back I noted that a Combat walker has the same cost
multiple of an
> Infantry Walker but a Combat Walker moves at 12 inches while an
> Walker moves at a rate of 6 inches.  Obviously the two classes should
> broken out and the cost multiple adjusted.
>	  Hand held missiles:
>	  A hand held GMS/P in Star Grunt can be likened to a Stinger
missile in
> DSII and therefore to a LAD in SGII.	However, a LAD in DSII can only
> used against high fliers.  I think that the effective range of a LAD
> DSII should be adjusted according to the altitude of the craft.
>	  Point system:
>	  I've already posted my idea for a point system to use DSII
points to help
> people design forces in SGII.  If you want me to repost it, I can.
>	  Personal Weapons:
>	  In DSII we are told that different forces Militia/Line/Power
> different effective ranges attributed to them according to the quality
> their weapons.  Meanwhile in SGII the effective ranges of their
weapons is
> based on the quality of the guys firing them.  I realize that the FP
> each weapon makes an adjustment on the effective range of thier
weapons in
> SGII but you can't go beyond a D12...  These two issues may need some
> examination.

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