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Re: In defense of AOG and CE.

From: kx.henderson@q... (Kelvin)
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:44:19 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Re: In defense of AOG and CE.

>> > Why?  They are businesses and we are consumers we have a right to
>demand a
>> > good service from them and if they can't keep up go bust.
>> > 
>> > Neil
>Niall wrote:
>> Unlikely since they have a monopoly on the product licence.
>Shame they deserve it.

Hey!  Give them a break!  Can't someone have a bad run?  So they made a
mistakes.  This is their first time marketing a complete game that they
done all by themselves.  There were bound to be some teething troubles. 
think they have done pretty well putting out what they have.  They put
with some pretty bad s*&t from Bad Dog Designs from what I hear.  But
others have said I have seen very few gaming companies that publish on
Look at GZG for instance (no offense meant here Jon!).	The FTII
state that they expect the Fleet Book to come out "soon" and they were
published several years ago.  But we have yet to see it and I don't see
anyone on this list saying that GZG should get a huge customer backlash
go bust.  So AOG aren't the only ones who can get behind schedule.  Give
them a break.  I have talked to the guys at AOG and they are as
about their schedule problems as anyone.  They are a two-person
doing the best they can.  That's why I still willing to give them


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