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Re: Games, Schedules and the AoG flame war.

From: kx.henderson@q... (Kelvin)
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:35:33 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Re: Games, Schedules and the AoG flame war.

Hi Tony,

>	What AoG is not forgiven for is that all of this is irrelevent
for the
>purpose of ongoing supply and actual release dates here in Australia.
>	The production problems were encountered (and sorted out)
several months
>before the miniatures arrived here in Australia. A few of us here, the
>lucky ones who walked in at the right time and were quick to get the
>out,  have seen the final product. I am one of 2 people (the only 2 as
>as I know) that own Minbari War Crusiers here in Sydney. I never saw
>Starfury's (they didn't last long) and there were also some Minbari
>and Raider ships, of which there was only ever one batch arrive here.
>	Demand in the States can't wholy be the answer. 

Here in Australia the reason for the lack of supply of the product is
from lack of product (that is only part of the reason) but mostly
AOG don't have the rights to distribute B5Wars here in Oz yet!	They
have the rights to distribute the product in the US and Canada.  It is
illegal to distribute the game outside of the US and Canada.  So any
you have seen here in Oz are being sold illegally.  The release dates
have heard were given to Oz stores by US DISTRIBUTORS!!!!  Not by AOG.

>	In short I am impatient for a product I have been promised, a
>which others are recieving and for which I can see no valid reason for
>further delay (limited quantity yes but that I am prepared to accept).
>Upsetting customers is bad for business. I am a customer, I am upset
and I
>have no doubt that others are too.
>	If anyone feels the need to reply to this then Email me.

I am as upset as the next person about this all, but I understand why we
can't get it here.  AOG have stated that they fully intend to distribute
overseas, but they are busy with the US market at the moment.  They have
told me personally that they want to supply the Oz market (and the
one too) very badly, but that at the moment, they are supplying their
immediate market, which is the US and Canada.  Once they have that done
have said they will start negotiations for the Oz and European markets. 
hope that it won't take too long.


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	      the laws of Thermodynamics!"
			-Homer Simpson

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