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Re: Win95 Starship Generator???

From: "Stuart Ford" <stuart@m...>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 18:00:19 -0700
Subject: Re: Win95 Starship Generator???

The core has been done for almost 10 days, I'm finalizing the disk
and import procedures now, lookin at monday at the latest now, very busy
work schedule lately.

The import will take the semi standard FTF files people have been workin
and import them into the ship builder.	You can save the ship as a
(for use by the program, and later the simulator), as a text file for
use in
PBEM, or as a HTML for web use.

Stuart Ford
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From: )_KriTTeR_( <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, October 23, 1997 4:44 PM
Subject: Win95 Starship Generator???

>not to honk anyone off or start another really stupid war of words, is
>Win95/NT Starship Generatro ready yet?  If I remeber correctly an
>approximate date had been set for Oct 7.  I figured I would wait a
>respectable period after that date until I voiced my question.

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