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In defense of AOG and CE.

From: "<Mark Andrew Siefert>" <cthulhu@c...>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:52:02 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: In defense of AOG and CE.

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Stuart Murray wrote:

> Is it me or has Warner picked two pretty poor games companies to get
> the B5 stuff, both AOG and CE seem perpetually either behind schedule,
> beset by production problems, or just plain incompetant (OK, that may
> harsh but so far AOG has not impressed me).

	I should say that it does sound harsh.	 CE and AOG are doing
best job that they can what with the difficulties that come with dealing
with WB.  Everything... the miniatures, the sourcebooks, the rules have
be checked by WB before either company can even THINK about printing or
producing a B5W/BP product.  This, needless to say, takes time since the
people responsible for B5 have usually have other things to do... like
making a TV show.  
	In AOG's case, the problem was not with AOG but with the
at Bad Dog who constantly botched the minis and the mini orders.  Plus
demand is so high that they need time to catch up.
	Don't sell either company short right now.  They both have
herculian tasks ahead of them.	Please cut tham a little slack.

Mark A. Siefert
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Yahoo Serious." 

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