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SGII Point system: Additional equipment

From: Paul Calvi <tanker@r...>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 16:58:59 -0700
Subject: SGII Point system: Additional equipment

>	In the past I have posted several point systems to enable folks
to bridge
>the gap between SG and DS as well as have a basis for designing forces
>SGII so as to build a balanced game.  Understand that this is just a
>generalized system and cannot compensate for a number of factors
>hiding defenders, defensive positions, mismatch terrain etc...
>Additonal Equipment
>Type		Die		Cost
>BAsic		D6		1.5
>Enhanced	D8		3.0
>Superior	D10		4.5
>EW Systems
>type		Die		Cost
>Basic		D6		22
>Enhanced	D8		45
>Superior	D10		67
>	You'll notice that this is a multiple of ECM systems.  If you
look at all
>that EW can do in a SG game, you'd agree that its worth the price.
>Drone System
>type		Die		Cost
>BAsic		D6		5
>Enhanced	D8		6
>Superior	D10		7
>	The following chart shows the different missile systems for DSII
and the
>costs associated with them.  Basically range costs .12 points per inch,
>1.6666 per chit drawn.  For a Heavy missile 15 points per die shift up
>D4, for a Light Missile 10 points per shift up from D4 and therefore
for a
>Personal Missile 5 points per shift up from D4.  For the IAVR the
system is
>unguided but at the extremely short range, guidance is unneccessary.
>GMS/Air the die shift up from D4 is 15 points for each.
>Guided Missile Systems
>Type	Guidance	Range	Die	Impact		Cost
>GMS/L	Basic		36	D6	3 chits 	20
>	Enhanced	36	D8	3 chits 	30
>	Superior	36	D10	3 chits 	40
>GMS/H	Basic		48	D6	5 chits 	30
>	Enhanced	48	D8	5 chits 	45
>	Superior	48	D10	5 Chits 	60
>GMS/P	Basic		24	D6	1 chit		8
>	Enhanced	24	D8	1 chit		15
>	Superior	24	D10	1 chit		22
>IAVR			 4		2 chits 	4 or 1 per shot
>GMS/Air	Basic		48	D6	3 Chits 	26
>	Enhanced	48	D8	3 chits 	41
>	Superior	48	D10	3 chits 	56
>	GMS/air can be used on ground vehicles but is designed to be
>offensively against Aerospace and VTOL craft.	GMS/Air takes up four

Paul J. Calvi Jr.

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on the 'actualities of war,' the effects of tiredness, hunger, fear,
of sleep, weather....The principles of strategy and tactics...are
simple: it is the actualities t
hat make war so complicated and so difficult, and are usually neglected

--FM Archibald Wavell to B.H. Liddell Hart (as quoted in "Frontsoldaten:
The German Soldier in World War Two" by Stephen G. Fritz.)

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