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Re: FT campaign and wet thrust

From: Thomas.Granvold@E... (Tom Granvold)
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 16:41:02 -0700
Subject: Re: FT campaign and wet thrust

> One thing I am planning on doing is running any starship combat with
> friends in RL, and do the campaign/empire-building stuff via PBeM
> (mainly 'cause tactical combat can take quite a while, even if you
> do 2 turns/week).
> Well, that all said, here's what I have. It's somewhat simpler than
> because I didn't want to tackle some of the details he had come up
with. ;)
> But in other ways it's prolly more complex (I intro'd 'tech trees'
which each
> player would choose one to follow during the course of developing
> respective empires).

   Thanks for posting these campaign rules.  The 'tech trees' is an
idea that I like.

   I have just finished reading the third Honor Harrington novel,
_A Short Victorious War_ by Weber, and it occurs to me that there is
another way to do a campaign game.  This would have a different feel
than Indy's rules.  The time scale of Indy's campaign is at least
decades up to hundred's of years.  He is after all talking about
discovering and populating planets.  What occurs to me is more on the
scale of several years.

   The campaign would cover the course of one war.  There would be two
sides in the war, put more people could play much like there were
countries involved in World War II.  Each player would have an existing
fleet at the beginning of the war and would be able to make repairs and
add new ships during the war.  There would be a limited amount of
of technology during the war.

   Some important aspects of the campaign would be:

   - How to best defend the home world and other important locations.

   - Intelligence gathering and guessing about the enemies activities.

   - Where to commit resources.

   - Surviving a battle with enough ships to be able to fight the next

   - Communication lags effecting information gathering and commands
     to your fleets.

   Anyway these are just some ideas off the top of my head.

Tom Granvold				<>

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