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SG2 Hidden Movement Idea

From: Paul Calvi <tanker@r...>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 13:10:09 -0700
Subject: SG2 Hidden Movement Idea

I have an idea on SG2 hidden movement that I'd like folks' opinions on.

Currently the hidden movement rules say a Unit must stay in place and do
nothing in order to have hidden status. How about if units can move
and conduct all actions except direct fire while remaining hidden. As
as any unit crossed or came into the LOS of an enemy unit it would lose
hidden status immediately. This way you could move around a bunch of
"counters" (with a few dummies) but your enemy wouldn't know if it was a
dummy, militia, or powered armor squad coming up his right flank. This
system would also prevent "leader hunting" where players go after the
player's leader(s). One complaint I've gotten is that this idea would
the game down. I think it might actually speed it up a bit (or at least
break even) because you wouldn't have to move gobs of figures around
they actually came into contact. It seems to be a quick and easy way to
a nice element of tactical surprise to the game.


If you wanted to screw up the idea with more complexity you could even
the EW rules and some kind of sighting chance to see if a hidden Unit in
LOS of the enemy really did get spotted or not.


Paul J. Calvi Jr.

"If I had study war, I think I should concentrate almost
on the 'actualities of war,' the effects of tiredness, hunger, fear,
of sleep, weather....The principles of strategy and tactics...are
simple: it is the actualities t
hat make war so complicated and so difficult, and are usually neglected

--FM Archibald Wavell to B.H. Liddell Hart (as quoted in "Frontsoldaten:
The German Soldier in World War Two" by Stephen G. Fritz.)

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