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Heavy Gear Vehicles

From: John Crimmins <johncrim@v...>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 05:25:00 +0100
Subject: Heavy Gear Vehicles

	Just as an FYI...  I was at an open house last week, and I saw
Status: RO

people from Rafm.  Due in the near future are some really nice Silent
ships--including at least one that is going to make a great Space
for FT, and some kind of space worm that is going to make a nice
supership for those inclined towards such things--, but what caught my
was the release date for the Heavy Gear tanks.

	December '97 is when the Klemm and the Hun light tanks are due.
Both are tracked, with two different bodies, both have small turrets,
both have rocket launchers--the Klemm on either side of the turret, and
Hun as a box on the back of the tank.  They look GOOD.	I don't even
anything in that scale and I'm thinking about making a purchase.  The
prices, by the way, are listed as TBA.	And the Mammoth, which is a HUGE
figure of a Strider (25mm 'mechs, anyone?) is due this month, at $39.95.

	And on a (mostly) unrelated note...has anyone else read
"The Forever Peace" yet?  And is anyone else thinking about writing up
"Soldierboy" units for DSII?

John Crimmins

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