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Galoob "Starship Troopers" toys

From: "John Kinder" <JKinder@w...>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 20:43:36 -0500
Subject: Galoob "Starship Troopers" toys

	Greetings all,
	I happened to be in the mall tonight ( in the Chicago suburbs )
and found
Status: RO

the "Starship Troopers" toys in KayBee Toys. There are six basic sets,
with three MI troopers and one of the various Bugs. There are also six
action fleet sets with the Retreval Boat, Tac. fighter, and Tanker Bug
sets pictured on the backing card. The standing MI figures measure 25mm
from boot sole to helmet top. I guess this makes them tall 20mm's or
25mm's if the actual scale measurement is supposed to be sole to
My only complaint is that the figures are packed one Bug to three
This would make it rather difficult to get the Bug horde effect.

John Kinder

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