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Re: B5 Wars problems

From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@b...>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 97 10:03:06 -0600
Subject: Re: B5 Wars problems wrote:
 > I have to say I'm somewhat unimpressed by the attitude of Agets of 
 > Gaming towards all of us on this side of the world.	I noticed on 
 > their web page they state that even were they to have a licence to 
 > distribute B5Wars in Europe that wouldn't until they satisfy
 > US/Canadian demand first.  Perhaps I'm being a bit touchy about this 
 > but I have to wonder if our money isn't as good as those on the other

 > side of the Atlantic.
 I can understand your point of view but I don't think AOG is doing this

 because 'your money is not as good.'  There are a few points you have
 take into consideration which you may not know about.	AOG has never 
 produced a game like this before and it moving into it slowly and not 
 producing a million copies in their first printing.  Their first 
 production run did not even satisfy the initial demand for the game in
 US alone. Canada is just getting their first copies now.  On the B5 
 mailing list there are a number of posts by hopeful future players
 to find a game for sale in their area.  They also say "Reaper
 is shipping our 1,000 sets' worth of miniatures on 10/14/97. As soon as
 have them assembled, they'll be sent out to fill as many orders as 
 possible."  Which I take to mean that they will still have to leave
 orders unfilled.  Why should they stop filling orders in the US and
 and send part of their limited production overseas?
 To put it in a GZG perspective, say when the Fleet Book comes out, Jon 
 knows he can sell 1,000 copies in the UK.  His initial run is 1,000
 but he takes 300 of them and send them to the US.  A few of us in the
 would be happy but far from all, and in the UK, if you were one of
 who missed out, you would wonder why the US got copies and you did not.
 think if you have started to fill the demand for a product in one area,

 you should not stop and send the product elsewhere, but should finish 
 where you started before you go to the next area.
 I think that it is basically fleet tactics (to get it on topic :)  Do
 want to spread out your fire and damage all the enemy ships a little or

 concentrate fire and destroy some each turn.
 Just my thoughts, 

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