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Re: Other Kra'Vak Tech

From: Brian Burger <burger00@c...>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 21:21:36 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Other Kra'Vak Tech

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Brian Bell wrote:

Status: RO

> As written, the Kra'Vak seem to have the old Klingon enginering
> (brute force over stealth, subtlety, or subterfuge). Thus, my
>   Do the Kra'Vak have or use:
>	  Enhanced/Superior Sensors
>	  ECM
>	  Cloak
> I know that they are not officially listed in any of the Kra'Vak
> but that may have been due to lack of space rather than because they
do not
> possess the technology.
> IMHO, I feel that they would not have these technologies.
>	  Enhanced/Superior Sensors: This is the one that I feel the
> unsure of. Kra'Vak must have VERY good targeting computers to lob an
> non-self-directing projectile over stellar combat distances. They may
> these. I have always played them as extreme xenophobes. As such I feel
> they may be more willing to attack against the odds (suicide attack).
> it may not have been an engineering priority to develop scanners that
> provide more than targeting and navigational information.

To make rail gun targetting work at space combat ranges and speeds, the
Kra'Vak would almost have to have very, very good sensors. Perhaps the
Kra'Vak don't have ENH/SUP sensors because they're already pushing the
envolope of their tech just to target their railguns as well as they do?

>	  ECM: This does not fit with the philosophy that I play the
> as having. A fanitical xenophobic race combined with a particular
honor of
> having a stand-up fight Irather than a sneek atack) and brute-force
> technology.
>	  Cloak: I view this as an outgrowth of screen technology rather
> ECM (bending electro-magnetic energy around a ship). Because of this,
> Kra'Vak would not have Cloaking technology. If you view Cloaks as an
> outgrowth of ECM technology instead, and give Kra'Vak ECM, you may
wish to
> give this to the Kra'Vak.

I tend to view Cloak as the worst sort of PSB, the least likely of
technologies. To really work, Cloak would have to manipulate so many
different levels of the electromagnetic spectrum, all the way up and
the spectrum, as to make it virtually impossible. If it didn't
successfully work on all those levels of the spectrum, some way would be
found, very soon, of rendering Cloak useless. The Reflex Sheild is
probably more likely, least it only has to manipulate one type
of energy (whatever it is that Beams fire)...

 > > Brian Bell

Just my $0.02...

Brian (
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