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house rules/offline

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 21:33:55 -0700
Subject: house rules/offline

Status: RO

Hi All,
     (Please note I did not say, Y'all.(But, I thought about it.))
A couple days ago someone mentioned House Rules, so here goes:

Movement Sequence:
1) Full Thrust missiles.
2) Thrust 1 and 2 ships.
3) Thrust 3 and 4 ships.
4) Thrust 5 and 6 ships.
5) Thrust 7 and 8 ships.
6) Guided missles.
7) Fighters.
8) Anti-fighter and Anti-missile guided missiles.
Combat occures in reverse order.

     (Oh, yes.)   This change will help (I trust) the small and
medium size ships last a turn or two longer.
     The guided missles are a creation of an alien race and have
the following performance profile.   Mass 1,  Speed 20,  2-30 degree
turns (turn like a ship).  Damage, as a half size "FT" missile.
     Fighters must be in base to base contact for combat.

     I have knowingly left out the alien races that generated this
revision of the movement sequence.   One more item of interest,
E-Sensors and S-sensors provide the ship with a plus one against
By for now, or TTFN,

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