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Re: Map Sizes

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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 11:34:07 +0000
Subject: Re: Map Sizes

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> I think the accepted size is 4'x6', or 4'x8'.

> I use a 4'x6' area if I can swing it, larger if I can do that.
Otherwise I
> use whatever room my dinky and slightly cluttered (shut UP, Aaron!)
> can handle (hallway, patio, living room area, laundry room next door,
> >Using this system we number the boxes and desginate one of the short
> >at 12.
> [...]
> >Using this system you can keep track the exact location of your
ships.	For
> >example: using the designation 5B-06x7.5@07 would put the ship on
> >location 5B and using the second set of numbers as a grid location
> >place the center of the ship at 6" down and 7.5" tot he right.  The
> >heading then would be 7.  Sounds hard but actually easy.
> I can see that working out fine.
> >Any other suggestions on the dafault size of a map?	What size do
they use
> >at tournaments or conventions?

This is not a push to sell product guys, but have you considered 
using one of our hexed starmats?  They are 4' x 6', have 1 1/2" wide 
hexs and will layout on a floor or table.  Using hexs you can 
determine all twelve courses (sides and points) and by counting over 
and down give the exact location and heading of a ship for next time.

KR, Geo-Hex 

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