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Flame wars generator

From: "Chris McCurry" <CMCCURR@v...>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 17:44:13 -0500
Subject: Flame wars generator

 >>System: Flame War Generator
  >> Mass: 1  Cost: 10
 >>  When activated, the user of the system selects one enemy ship and
 >>  rolls a die.  The ship rolls a die in defense.  If the attacker's
 >>  roll is greater than the defender's roll, the two ships are now
 >>  engaged in a communications "flame war".  The crews are so busy
 >>  trading insults that they are unable to perform their assigned
 >>  tasks.  Each ship immediately makes a threshold roll, the results
 >>  which are temporary, wearing off at the beginning of the next turn.
 >>  Play continues as usual, but if the attacker chooses to attack the
 >>  same ship again next turn, one is added to the attacking die roll.
 >>  This process can continue, with one more point being added to the
 >>  die roll every turn, until the attacker is assured of success.  In
 >>  this case, the threshold damage to each ship remains and accrues
 >>  every turn.  The FWG may be destroyed during a flame war.	Unlike
 >>  the other systems failures, which represent the inattention of the
 >>  crew, failure of the FWG represents a ticked-off crew member
 >>  smashing the device with a hammer.  Once the device is damaged, the
 >>  flame war is ended and all inactive systems will go back online
 >>  turn.

Status: RO

Ha ha ha.. this is the best turn around from an off topic post I've ever

Maybe we should make more in line with this one?

System: Holographic Physics Professor
Mass: 1 Cost: $80,000 (due to grants and interest groups, lab fees, and

When used the system fires a holographic projection at the target ship.
The hologram is effectively displayed on a hit roll of 4 for ships with
shields, 5 for ships with ONE shield, and 6 for ships with TWO shields.
Holographic Physics Professor can not effect ships with three (or more
depending on house rules) shields due to the distortion surrounding the
ship.  If the target ship is effected roll a D6 and apply the results

1-2 = Completely confused: the ship can do nothing while they ponder the
legality of the professor's theories.  (The crew must decide wither or
laws of physics allow them to have the systems on board their ship)

3-4 = Utterly disgusted:  The target ship attempts to ram the user of
holographic Professor.	As they do not agree in any way with the
and think it is imposible for such things to exsist.  (Ship to ship) the
target ship will use all maneuvers possible to make contact with the
ship.  damage is applied as normal, i.e. ram / collision damage.

5-6 = Totally in Agreement: The target ship understands the professor
agrees with his theories.  It will no longer attack the User's ship. As
feels "He must be a way cool guy / gal."

Who knows could work?


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