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Re: Vector Rules

From: Matthew Seidl <seidl@v...>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 18:27:56 -0600
Subject: Re: Vector Rules

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:35:08 +1000, "ROBERTSON,Brendan" writes:
Status: RO

>The debate is very interesting, but unlimited rotation has a profound
>difference on tactics compared to the current limited rotation in use.
>The current PBeM, Battle for Nimrod Station, has certainly shown me the
>difference this has on tactics.  If you allow unlimited rotation, fire
>arcs become pointless as it becomes always possible to aim the maximum
>amount of guns at your target.

As another player in the Numrod Station game, I want to concur with
this.  If we had unlimited facing changes, it would take a lot of the
tactics and maneuvering out of the game.  I know I spent a LOT of time
on the last turn trying really hard to end up with my guns baring on
the enemy, and his guns not hitting me.  I failed :), but it was a
good try.

Please don't allow unlimited turns.  And make the bigger ships turn
slower.  It really does effect the feel of the game negitively to
allow big ships to spin on a dime.

Corridor of Endless Winding
Leader of the Assult on the Nimrod Station

ps. If people would like to see some bits of a game actually played
with a vecotr system, and none of the onther players mind, I can try
to put up the maps and turn summeried on a web page when the game is

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