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Re: Vector Rules

From: Gravity is falling in a good way today <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 16:34:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Vector Rules

>@:) You seem to be forgetting that there is a major difference between
>@:) trying to rotate an object in space Vs rotating it in water
>@:) fighting the resistance of the liquid.  You should be able to
>@:) maneuver the big ships quite quickly
Status: RO

>  This mailing list reminds me of a Dilbert poster in my manager's
>office: "The Boss Zone, where time and logic no longer apply!"
>Except it would be physics and logic.


>  Anyway, yes water causes drag but the fact is that massive things
>are hard to move anywhere, in space, in water, in air, wherever - if
>they have mass they have inertia and they're hard to move.  The more
>massive they get, the harder it is to move them.

How 'bout a better example!  ;-)

Let's take, say, a 1 metric ton beam of steel, and a 1 lb shaft of wood.
Set them on a pivot point in such a manner that they will not fall off
(we assume they won't for sake of arguement ;). As in the following

    |			     |		   -----------
   ============================ 		^
		^			       / \
	       / \			      /   \
	      /   \			      |   |
	      |   |			      |   |
	     -------			     -------

Assume in this system that air friction is negligible, and that the
between the pivots and the beam/shaft is negligible (there's really
good oil on there). Now try and rotate them (and stopping them after
gone a half turn). Just go up there and give that ol' steel beam a good
Impart the *same* push/force to the shaft of wood.

Better, give the shaft of wood a push to move it, then give the *same*
to the steel beam. Okay, now push harder.  ;-)

You can practice this in real life (kids! do this at home! WITHOUT
consent - but I take no claims for any messes you make in the mean
Get a 10' section of PVC pipe, fill it with a material of your choice
water, whatnot), cap both ends. That'll represent the steel beam above.
a straw. That'll represent the shaft of wood. :)  Put both on a 'lazy
Now...try and rotate them. No, really. This will work, and *ought* to
strate the basic principles trying to be shown above.

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