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Reviresco n' DSII, n' Netiquette

From: "George,Eugene M" <Eugene.M.George@k...>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 10:08:04 -0700
Subject: Reviresco n' DSII, n' Netiquette

Status: RO

Well, that aside. I can say that my dealings with Mr. McEwan have been
pleasant and prompt. The worst things I can say about Reviresco are that
the 25mm line of "Stargrunt-worthy" minis for his Starguard game are
crude and small. But, they are cheap, and the really alien minis (I like
the insect-aliens and the squid guys.) aren't too bad. The 1/300 stuff
is OK, plain and inexpensive. Some of the 25mm vehicles are OK (try the
Gauss Cannon for SGII for those towed arty pieces.). Starguard is a
throwback to the "gilded tin age" of 70's gaming and is overpriced for
the three hole punched sheets and binder.

I wasn't around for the RGMM sharking or flaming and I daresay vote with
your wallets. But I'm satisfied and Reviresco stuff has made the grade
for my TO&E. 

Plus, has John McEwan been informed of his breach of nettiquette ? Maybe
it's just enthusiastic stupidity.

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>>For all you guys out there looking for sci-fi miniatures, I stumbled
>>this site a few months ago.
>> Give 'em a look, I think you'd like them.
>Gil means well with his recommendation of this site, but the owner of
>the site raised the ire of GZG fans a month or so back. There were
>three or four threads on dealing with
>Dirtside II and Stargrunt 2. The owner of the site in question, John
>McEwen, jumped in and started flogging his own games, Starguard and
>Days of Empire.
>Now if the threads were general threads about sci fi games, his
>comments would be on topic. However, the SG2 thread was a question
>from someone who wanted specific information about SG2. McEwen jumped
>in and told the guy he should check out Starguard. Okay, we've seen
>that sort of thing before, but on the same day in a DS2 thread he
>posted, "HI:  If you are looking for a 1/300 sci fi armor game, check
>out Days of Empire at" The person was
>NOT looking for a sci fi game, he was looking for a European
>distributor for DS2 figures. On a third thread (subject: "Dirtside
>II?") he posted this:
>>Claes Wedin wrote:
>>> Is this a good game?
>>> Can i use my epic models in it?
>>> Could someone give a rough description of the rules?
>>> - Jacob Wedin
>>HI Jacob;  Before you spend good money on something else, check out
>>of Empire Rules on   Days of Empire
>>set is free and the game has excelent figure support.  Over 50
>>already.   thanks JM
>Note that at no time did he actually mention in his posts that he is
>the owner of the web site and the designer of the game; you had to
>visit the site to learn this. These posts all came on the same day,
>targeted at DS2 and SG2 threads. There were some angry messages about
>this, but he didn't respond.
>I personally found his tactics offensive, especially as the threads
>were for specific information about GZG products. Everyone else is
>welcome to their opinions, but this guy's tactics pissed me off enough
>that I'm not buying anything from him. For all the posts, check out
>Deja News (at and decide for yourself.
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> when the appearance of conflict meets the appearance of force"
>			- The Tragically Hip

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