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Re: Newbie Ship Question

From: campbelr@p...
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 18:10:10 +0000
Subject: Re: Newbie Ship Question

Status: RO

Thanks	folks! As I said, I read  it and tried	to figure things on 
my own, but.....
As for the side slip, I defintly think we'll keep it as we are 
playing a "Star Trek" set  of games. (Ok so all I brought were the 
Micro Machines!) and it fit's the flavor more. Not sure how I came up 
with the mid-piont and end point move. It's right there in the book,  
how it's suposed to go.
As a side note, if you've not tried it, try having the velocity 
change kick in the begining of the NEXT turn. It's fun, but 
And lastly, I have the ST rules, (both sets) from the unofficil page, 
 there was another disruptor type mentioned. I've the damage  
someplace but I forgot	to get the cost/mass.
Again thanks.

"Creative Financing is the key to any venture. Right John?"
R. Hood (Ret.)

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