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Newbie Ship Question

From: ")_KriTTeR_(" <kritter@s...>
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 16:51:38 -0500
Subject: Newbie Ship Question

Status: RO

Hello all,

I have been lurking on the list now for nearly a month and have finally
gottent through the Full Thrust rulebook.  I am quite in impressed to
the least.  The list is also quite fun and at atimes has information I
use.  Not bad when you compare it to the usefullness of some mail-lists.

There are a few questions I have.

1) Where can I find some more scenarios?  I am very new to tabletop
and not exactly the most creative (lack of experience) when it comes to
making a scenario.

2) I see this advertisemnt in the back of Full Thrust for miniatures. 
there ship  stats for these miniatures somewhere.

3) Is there a decent Win3.x or Win95 based ship generator available
than the DOS based one or the Excel-based spreadsheets?  I sure hope,
because my preliminary assessment is that it will take me over a month
make one using either Visual Basic 5 (enterprise edition) or this other
program I am looking into, but who's title escapes me.	My take is to
reinvent the wheel if it has already been done or is in the process.

I am have a ton other questions pertaining to the rules, but can't
them right off.  It is my preactice to right down questions as they come
in a game on paper then refer to the rules at a later time to find the
answer.  There have been several I have not been able to find yet.  When
can find that darn list I will post them to the list.

Till then, thanks for the help in advance.  Btw, how many of the list
members reside in the states and how many accross the pond?  Me?  I am
the states :)  Don't hold it against me that the President sucks.  I
make foreign policy and have absolutely nothing to do with it.	Ain't
democracy great!?


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