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Minis Update

From: Mike Miserendino <phddms1@c...>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 13:50:05 -0400
Subject: Minis Update

I recently spoke to the folks at Valiant Enterprises regarding the
re-release of the old Stardate:3000 line of starship minis.  The rep
their stock was currently empty(of which I tried ordering 8 kits prior
:( ),
but they will be remastering the molds by the end of summer and restart
production once again.	
For anyone wanting to see a picture of their ships, Jon T had a Terran
class destroyer photographed in the ending pages of the FT manual along
other suggested minis.	Also, I have scanned an image of the blister
which shows a Terran Aries class escort cruiser and a Perseus class
All the ships are highly detailed and fit into the FT environment very

Thanks to Dean Gundberg for pointing me in the right direction with
contact information:

       Valiant Enterprises Ltd 
       PO Box 204
       Antioch, Illinois  60002

       Phone: (847) 395-3636	Fax (847) 395-3643

*Superior Starfleets
I spoke to Bill Char recently while placing an order for some Superior
Starfleets minis and was informed that the price for these minis will go
in September or therabout, so now is the time to contact Bill to get a
deal on some great minis.

       4809 Scotia Street
       Union City, California 94587

       Phone 510-487-0728
       Email: "William K. Char" <>

Please drop them a line and tell them Mike and Dean sent you.  A little
encouragement goes a long way. :)

Mike Miserendino

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