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Re: Babylon 5 Wars - Gotcha!

From: "Magic 8-Ball this, Magic 8-Ball that .. answer your own damn questions!" <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 23:56:56 -0400
Subject: Re: Babylon 5 Wars - Gotcha!

>Well, I picked up the boxed set at Origins this 
>weekend, so far I've barely perused the rulebook. If
>anyone wants the nitty gritty details, let me know.
>John Fleisher

Yeah, I was there, too, and got a copy. Wikan's counters look
quite nice. However, they missed crediting the Baltimore
Battlegroup for their playtesting efforts (the AOG guys said
they would correct this in the upcoming supplement), as well
as mis-attributing the PBeM efforts (but we talked about that,
too, Jim ;-). The graphics throughout the book, imo, look
extremely better than those in the B5 Role-playing game. I
didn't have any further time this weekend to do an in-depth
study of the rules (too busy running FT/DS2 events, and trying
to play other games  ;-)

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