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B5 Omega Class Destroyer stats

From: ChanFaunce@a...
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 22:52:37 -0400
Subject: B5 Omega Class Destroyer stats

Went and looked at B5 Wars at local game store (not for sale, only a
wrote down the weapons on the Omega class which I take to be
(I've learned that unless you hear it straight out of JMS's mouth, don't
believe it.). Here are the weapons and some comments on each in order of
power, most to least.

Heavy Laser Cannon
  These are the big beam weapons. 2 are mounted fore and 2 aft. The game
they may onyle fire through the hex row directly ahead and behing the
plus the hex row on either side. These are only offensive weapons. The
give them the ability to do a sustained fire. Not quite sure what this
didn't get into the rules that far.

Heavy Pulse Cannon
  These are the ones located one on either side of the bow openning.
have 60 degree arcs of port-fore and starboard-fore. These may be used
defensive weapons (Interceptor mode) to knock out incoming fire, except
lasers, as well as offensively against ships. Each may not do both on
same turn.

Standard Particle Cannon
  There are six located on the port and six on the starboard side of the
ship. Each side has a 180 degree firing arc, from the hex row directly
to the row of hexes directly behind. They may be used in Interceptor
mode as
above, or offensivly.

  There are a total of 6 located aroung the ship. Firing arcs are 180
each. #1: starboard-fore, port-fore, port  #2: port-fore, port, port-aft
port, port-aft, starboard-aft  #4:port-aft, starboard-aft, starboard 
starboard-aft, starboard, starboard-fore  #6 starboard, starboard-fore,
port-fore  As offensive weapons they may only attack fighters and
 As defensive weapons they form an 'energy web' which lowers the chance
hit the ship with all weapons. this sounds like they act like a screen
in FT.

The Omega class also is shown to carry 24 fighters.

Comments in the background area say 'Flying an EA ship is like stearing
cast iron tub full of water.'  Not very manueverable are they?	But
carry a
lot more armaments to-for-ton than the other races.

Well, that's it. BTW just finished watching 'Face of the Enemy', the
with the big battle at the beggining and Sheridan getting captured at
end. During the battle I saw the Omegas and Hyperions, but there was a
big ship with the front end of an Omega, a lattice-work structure, but
rotating section. Does anyone know what this ship is?

Chan 'Actually, I would like a five-day pass to DisneyPlanet (tm)'

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