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Re: Background Irrelevancy--and Poll (was Re: AIs and such...)

From: "Evan Powles" <epowles@p...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:12:40 -0400
Subject: Re: Background Irrelevancy--and Poll (was Re: AIs and such...)

>1) Do you REALLY care about the FT background? Are you really
>what happens to the ESU, NAC, etc. or is it just an excuse for a battle
>nothing more?

Yes, I care. Maybe its because I came into the hobby as a roleplayer,
but I
like to empathise with whoever I'm playing.

>2) Did you read the FT background stuff or did you ignore it?

Read it.

>3) Do you use another background for your games (like Star Trek, Star
>B5, homegrown)?

Occaisionally. The advantage of the official background is that it is a
"common language" between people who don't normally game together.

>4) Would you like to see the FT background enhanced, with a more
>timeline, in future supplements? If so, how many pages out of a typical
>sized rulebook would you be willing to give up to the background?

Given that not everyone likes the background, I think the current
proportions are probably okay. Otherwise go for books (such as the Fleet
Book) completely devoted to the background. Then you really find out how
popular it is.

>5) Would you like to see some FT fiction?

Yes, though I tend to have a pretty low opinion of game-derived fiction.

>6) How "accurate" a background do you want? "I want a hard science
>background taking into effect things like AI development, genetic
>engineering, relativity, etc." or ""Star Wars was accurate enough for

Depends on my mood. I'm not sure a dead-accurate system would be
interesting as a game.

>7) Regardless of number 6, do you want to see guys in fighters, escorts
>fleet ships? "Don't bother too much about AI, it's men versus men or
>versus bugs that interest me."

I don't think large-scale use of AI is in the spirit of GZG's universe,
most of the military and game SF it is inspired by. The high loss rates
be explained away as: putting inappropriate ships in the line of battle,
the excessive bloodthirstiness of players vs. real commanders and,
particularly for fighters, "killed" ships sometimes just being
mission-killed rather than vapourised. 

>8) "Stop with the stupid science posts, already! This is just a game!"

I don't mind them as long as they stay within reasonable bounds.

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