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Re: AI's in full thrust

From: John Skelly <jskelly@i...>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 18:53:27 -0400
Subject: Re: AI's in full thrust

Craig Mitchell wrote:

> >Military systems are always larger than civil models, more robust
> too.
> >Sure the actual processor is pretty damn small, but what about all of
> the
> >io. Moderd Super Computers are still big because of the need for the
> io
> >systems.
> Actually modern supercomputers are so big because of the cooling
> systems
> and as the excess heat can be radiated to the very useful and
> convenient
> sinkhole of deep space. Combat within a few AUs of a star would
> require
> steps to ensure cooling fins being used are those in the ships shadow
> or
> you are likely to find your AI is now a lump of useless slag (well if
> you're lucky it may have a use - armour , kinetic ammunition, or
> reaction
> mass!).
> Actually this introduces the ideas of deep space patrol craft which
> would
> be highly automated and carry much higher numbers of batteries of
> higher
> output but would be very limited in inner system combat as they
> couln't get
> rid of excess heat quickly enough. Inner system defence and planetary
> assault ships OTOH have larger refrigeration systems to cool down the
> weapons and AIs. The AIs would be smaller and less sophisticated to
> reduce
> heat generation and thus require larger human (or KV or any other race
> for
> that matter) crews who require support facilities such as quarters,
> galley,
> supplies, heads and the like further reducing system capacity.
> This could be simulated by requiring all systems to have an equal mass
> of
> support/ cooling present if they are to be used in inner systems. If
> this
> is not done (e.g. if a deep space craft was to operate in the inner
> system)
> every time a system is used it must make a threshold check or vital
> circuits are destroyed by excessive heat build up. Drives can be
> operated
> only up to half normal ratings without making checks ( FTL drives will
> automatically fail threshold checks in inner systems before transfer
> can be
> achieved)
> Craig
> B day minus 5

I like your image of big fins on starships.  Sorta like old 60's cars
with big fins.	Yes supercomputers do run hot but noware near the heat
that say a fission or fusion reactor would produce.  The majority of the
size of mainframes/super/mini's is attributed to the i/o equipment.

I know what you are refering to though, that supercomputer that had
liquid nitrogen running through it to keep the cpu cool, or something
like that.  This isn't the only way of doing it, I think the new SUN
system uses a whole bunch of "regular" CPU's working togethor to
acomplish the same goal.

If you, or anyone else, have any sites on supercomputers ad mainframes
I'd appreciate it.


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